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XTR Rear Derailleur 9 Sp

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Shimano (bike.shimano.com/publish/content/cycle/sac/us/en.html) 2010
XTR Rear Derailleur 9 SpLow-Normal for The smoothest shifting under load, drive train durability and pre-selecting gears : Best matched with DCL.Features
Low-Normal return spring
Super Wide Link for high rigidity
Capacity: 33TSpecifications
Model Number    RD-M970-GS
Series    XTR
Shifting Action    Low Normal
Mount Type    Drop-out
Maximum Sprocket    34T
Minimum Sprocket    11T
Front Difference    22T maximum
Total Capacity    33T
Guide Pulley    sealed bearing
Tension Pulley    sealed bearing
Pulley Bolts    stainless steel
Pulley Bolts Retainer    yes
Bracket Body    cold forged aluminum/color anodized
Bracket Pivot Seal    double O-rings
Plate Body    cold forged aluminum/color anodized
Plate Pivot Bolt    aluminum
Plate Pivot Seal    single O-ring
Outer Link    cold forged aluminum/anodized
Inner Link    cold forged aluminum/anodized
Link Pin Bushings    fluorine coated (4)
Outer Plate    aluminum/anodized
Inner Plate    aluminum/anodized
Average Weight    197g
XTR Rear Derailleur 9 Sp
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