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In accordance with the Lockdown Mandate, the retail store is now closed to walk-in customers until January 23. We are offering curbside pickup for online purchases and curbside dropoff for ski service (waxing, ski and binding repairs, pole cutting, etc). Curbside Pickup Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11a-5p.
We will continue to receive new ski inventory during the Lockdown, and pre-order customers will be contacted as their items arrive.

Rex Blue Power Grip Marathon

Rex Blue Power Grip Marathon
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61 PowerGrip Blue -4…-10°C

One of the best grip waxes on the market. Extremely durable for all icy, glazed and old snow conditions. For new snow, apply a thinner layer. Works also relatively well on moist snow.

PowerGrip Marathon Fluor
Secure grip for long distances and glazed tracks.
Specialty grip waxes that combine the best properties of klisters and synthetic grip waxes. Ideal for marathon skiers and long distances due to their outstanding durability and ability to adjust to prevailing conditions because of their thermoreactive ingredients. Compared to our Pro Grip -series, PowerGrip offer more aggressive grip.

Apply with a heat gun, hair dryer or waxing iron. One good layer is enough without base wax. Smooths out really nice when warm using a thumb.

Long distance optimized
Durable and powerful grip
Thermo-reactive ingredients give a wide temperature range
When the tracks are hard and glazed but it's still not a full-on klister weather, PowerGrip is a good choice!