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Vauhti Silverfox Wet Block 0...+15

Vauhti Silverfox Wet Block 0...+15
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A specialty block for drenched, thoroughly wet conditions

The composition of Silverfox is improved for performance in very wet conditions. The optimal range extends from slushy wet to wet and sticky conditions around the freezing point. SilverFox is not recommend when the temperature is colder than the freezing point. It is also not recommended for use in dirty snow.


Hot application with an iron:
Apply an even layer of the desired compressed fluor on the glide surfaces. Bind the layer of concentrate to the base with quick strokes of the iron. After light ironing, spread another layer and bind again with light strokes of the iron. Spread a third layer and iron on the same way as a powder. Using this method will get enough product on the bases and the actual ironing can take place safely without harming the ski. The end result is very close to a powder application.
Iron the concentrate in wet conditions without a Teflon sheet in such a way that the product melts completely. In humid below freezing conditions use a Teflon sheet. This causes the glide surface to become “greasier”. Always apply a cold rubbed final layer in dry, cold, below freezing conditions.

Cold rubbed application:
Rub or “crayon” on a layer to the glide surfaces of your skis. Use a natural cork with sufficient force so that the compressed fluor on the ski base becomes shiny. This takes about 2-3 minutes of corking per ski. Let the skis cool for a few minutes and then nylon brush. Repeat this step if the distance to be skied is long, or if the snow surface is abrasive, or if the ski bases are in bad condition and have not been adequately stone ground or sanded. The corking can also be done with a rotocork. Before you begin, make sure that the cork is clean. If using a roto cork, keep rpms low and use very light pressure – take care not to brush too much.

Tips for working with compressed fluor gliders:
- A thin cold rubbed compressed fluor layer fine tunes and improves performance in nearly all below freezing conditions.
- If you want to alter a powder's working range, do it with a layer of fluor concentrate before applying the powder: For example a layer of Zero compressed fluor block followed by the Gold powder. This improves the moisture tolerance of the Gold powder.
- If you are not an experienced fluor product user, use cold rubbed compressed fluor layers as the top coats. This maximizes your chances of achieving the best possible performance.

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