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About Race Room Skis


How to buy the best skis

It may sound reductive, but in our experience the best way to buy good skis is to buy good skis. What does that mean? Sourcing products from the best manufacturers to ensure a base level of quality is a given. We want every ski on our wall to serve a purpose. Through conversation with our customers, years developing an expert feel for the skis we sell, and the tools to ensure a good fit, we do a pretty good job making sure you get value when you buy with us. This goes from absolute beginners to athletes competing for podium placement at the national level and beyond.

Pre-Order Race Room Skis Now

Race Room skis

For dedicated skiers the best way to get a great pair of skis is to have them selected for you at the source. The best ski manufacturers are subjecting the skis they produce to testing. This is not as simple as putting them on a machine to generate a bunch of numbers - there are no one number measurements that will tell you if ski is going to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Testing involves getting skis on snow and figuring out what works in the broadest possible range of conditions and then making the manufacturing process repeatable, consistent, and predictable. The result is skis that feel truly special on the snow.

The very best skis that come off the production line are matched housed in special warehouses often referred to as the race room. In addition to proprietary mechanical testing, race room skis pass through the hands of seasoned professionals, whose experienced hands have squeezed thousands of pairs of skis, giving them an experts’ feel for when a pair of skis has a chance to be truly exceptional. We like to think of this process as akin to a winemaker who sets aside a barrel of the really good stuff to share with close friends.  All of our top of the line skis are now purchased this way. 

World Cup skis are no longer reserved only for World Cup courses!

We are taking pre-orders from across Canada for persnoalized skis from the race rooms of Salomon and Fischer. 

In Canada, access to the race room was first offered by Fischer.  Seeing that race room skis are an excellent product that provide superior value, we worked with Salomon to become the first shop in Canada offering hand selected S/Lab skis. Recognizing our leadership Salomon since expanded this opportunity across Canada.

Our Salomon skis are picked as part of the Salomon Select program by Raph Payo, Salomon’s lead race who regularly tests his fleet of S/Lab skis in a variety of race conditions across Canada in support of Salomon Athletes. 

Fischer skis are picked by Graham Maclean of Fischer Canada, who works with some of Canada’s top skiers to get them on the fastest cross-country skis possible. Graham says, “I take the time to squeeze the skis and observe the flex of the camber - It's important to see if the skis move in the same way.  What happens with tip and tail pressure as the transitioning from unloaded to loaded camber takes place is also important”.

When you pre-order a pair of skis from the race room, Raph or Graham will travel to Europe for you and pick out a pair of skis that suits your weight, age, skiing ability and intended use. It is your best shot at finding a ski that feels truly exceptional, and will always be in the running for the fastest skis on the course. Considering the added level of service, this program also provides incredible value - there aren’t many pieces of specialized sports equipment that are this affordable 

Act now to ensure you won't miss out

The race room program is only available for a limited window each year. Act now to ensure you won’t miss out.  Be sure to fill out the form in full, as this will assist in selection. A non-refundable (with the exception noted below) deposit is required with delivery expected for November 2024. If we are unable to source your selected ski for any reason by December 31st 2024, you will be offered the option of a full refund. Please do not hesitate to call Fresh Air at 613-729-3002 if you have further questions about this program or want help with your order.   

Pre-Order Race Room Skis Now