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Race Wax

Vauhti Clean & Glide Wax Remover
Vauhti Clean&Glide is an effective cleaning and maintenance agent for glide zones. It cleans the ski bases from dirt and maintains by creating a fluorinated wax coating on those. Always start a new waxing by cleaning the ski base with Clean&Glide. This improves the performance of the glide waxes since ski waxes and fluorocarbon coatings adsorbs only to clean ski base. At the same time mixing of the decelerating dirt with the new glide wax can be prevented. Instructions: -Shake well -Apply on Vauhti polishing cloth -Wipe clean -Brush with a nylon brush after 1-2 minutes
Vauhti Fluorinated GF Grip Wax, 45g
VAUHTI GF FLOUORINATED GRIP WAXES This excellent performance of GF-Line fluorinated grip waxes comes from a revolutionary ingredient that reacts to temperature precisely. Thanks to this innovation, the risk of the grip wax icing in sub-zero temperatures is reduced considerably and the grip properties are exceptional. GF-Line grip waxes have wide operation range, which makes them a good choice also for recreational skiers. GF RED GRIP WAX Operating range: +2/-1°C | 36/30°F Custom wax for 0°C conditions. Best in damp or variable, problematic conditions, at temperatures around 0°C, all snow types. GF RED can be used for coating klisters; it can also be mixed with other grip waxes. GF PINK GRIP WAX Operating range: 0/-5°C | 32/23°F A special wax for new snow. Best in dry or variable new snow conditions. Softer content than in GF VIOLET gives better grip properties on soft track. GF CARROT GRIP WAX Operating range: -2/-12°C | 28/10°F A viscous, all-purpose wax that sticks extremely well to your skis at sub-zero temperatures. Works best on old or coarse snow. The best gripping temperatures begin at approx. -2°C and extend down to approx. -12°C on a hard-packed trail. The wax can be used alone or as a base wax for other GF-Line products, for which it is an excellent choice. The wax is extremely wear-resistant. GF BLUE PITOVOIDE Operating range: -5/-15°C | 23/5°F Complementing grip wax for GF CARROT. Use if the snow is too fine for GF CARROT. Works best on fine and new snow, as well as on coarse snow, improving the glide of viscous grip waxes. Works in a wide range of conditions; on old snow, almost down to -20°C.
Vauhti Natural Cork
A natual cork for rubbing fluorocarbon coatings and quick glides.
Vauhti Pure Pro Liquid Base Wax
Use liquid base primer regularly on the bases of new and stone ground skis and from time to time during the season to get the most bene?t and wear resistance from the liquid glide waxes. Liquid base wax doesn’t need ironed and can be used as a base for other liquid glide waxes and paraf?ns Liquid Pro base wax contains high quality polyethylene waxes and totally new additives, making for a hard, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant coating on the ski base.
Vauhti Pure Pro Liquid Glide Wax
$88.00 - $98.00
Pure Pro liquid glide waxes are based on the ingredients used in racing paraffin series and totally new additives, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. Pure Pro liquid glide waxes have been developed especially for natural snow and fine grained snow. With high-quality solvents liquid waxes absorb effectively into the base and retains the performance of the ski base longer than hot melted paraffins. On its best when used on top of liquid base wax or traditional paraffin waxes. After wax has dry completely, brush thoroughly first with nylon brush, then with brass brush and again with nylon brush. 80mL container. PRO WET for wet and damp snow down to zero degrees, +10°C/-1°C PRO MID for damp snow, +2°C/-4°C PRO COLD for cold snow conditions, -2°C/-20°C PRO LDR for wide temperature range and for variable conditions, +5°C/-10°C
Vauhti Pure Up Liquid Glide Wax
$64.00 - $69.00
PURE UP Liquid glide waxes are intended specifically for active skiers and competitive skiers for training rounds. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellence performance and good durability to the products in all snow types and weather conditions UP WET For wet and damp snow down to zero degrees, +10/-1°C UP MID For damp snow, +2/-4°C UP COLD For cold snow conditions, -2/-20°C UP LDR For wide temperature range and for variable conditions, +5/-10°C
Vauhti Wax Bench with Profile
This Vauhti Wax Bench is portable with folding legs and includes a profile for holding the ski.
Toko Digital Snow Thermometer
A snow thermometer that measures a of range 97 °F to -33 °F. Precise measuring range for a snow temperature range of 32 °F to -4 °F. In practical pen format.
Toko Racing Wax Remover 500ml
Toko Race Wax Remover is a gentle cleaning liquid for all types of bases. Removes wax residue especially of Top Finish products and prepares the base for waxing.
Toko Structurite Nordic Kit with Rollers
This is an ergonomically shaped surface structuring device with interchangeable structure roller for easy structuring of the running surface of cross country skis. Structuring significantly improves the sliding properties of skis. As a kit, the device is supplied with all three rollers (yellow/red/blue) and ensures optimally structured skis in all snow conditions and temperatures.
Toko X-Cold Powder 50g
Toko X-Cold Powder is a very hard HydroCarbon powder wax to use as an additive in cold, aggressive snow conditions. Application and properties -With X-Cold Powder, each wax becomes harder and more friction resistant -Powder form for easy ironing -For extremely cold, dry snow conditions -Biodegradable
Swix Aerosol Base Cleaner, 150mL
Aerosol spray-on base cleaner. Lightly scented. The active ingredient is a low aromatic hydrocarbon with good solvent capacity. Non-ozone depleting aerosol. Spray on the base, remove as much wax or klister as possible with a scraper, and wipe off with Fiberlene paper. 5.1 fl. oz.
Swix All-Purpose Polycarbonate Scraper
Used for klister application or to remove wax or klister from the base before cleaning with Base Cleaner.
Swix Economy Waxing Iron T77
Great economy iron which is competitive with farmore expensive models. Redesigned from scratch with an ergonomic body and a wide metal plate that suits both alpine, snowboard and nordic. Angled at one side to make it easier to keep a constant speed when melting the wax. The thick metal plate ensures a stable heating. Plate dimension 100x160 mm.
Swix Fiberlene Cleaning Paper 20m
Fiberlene cleaning paper, For all-around use, for all skiers. Fiberlene cleaning, small 20 m.
Swix Fiberlene Cleaning Paper 40m
Quality lintless paper for cleaning skis and all-round use. Large roll, 40 m/130 feet.
Swix Fibertex Combination Pack
Fibertex Combi Pack with Fine (T266), Medium (T264) and Coarse (T266N) for ski base care.
Swix Fine Blue Nylon Brush
Blue nylon brush. Ø 0.12 mm. A fine soft nylon brush for polishing all waxes. 5 to 10 strokes.
Swix Hand Cleaning Paste
A non-toxic 100% natural product used for cleaning wax off hands, even with klister and sticky hard waxes.
Swix High Fluoro Hard Wax
Top layer kick wax with high fluoro content. Better glide and easier skiing. Reduces risk for icing. Excellent when high humidity. To be used as top layer.
Swix Improved Economy Structure Roller Tool
The Economy roller features new bearings for easier rolling. Stronger body(more stable). Guide wings are made longer. White arrow to show correct moving direction. An economic and pratical alternative to handmilled specialty tools. Delevered with 0.5mm V-roller. Structure imprint will disappear after rewaxing with iron. Essential tool for every wax box.
Swix Marathon Glide Wax, 180g
A hard and extra durable glide wax with additive for long distance racing.
Swix Marathon Glide Wax, 40g
A hard and extra durable glide wax for long distance racing.
Swix Medium Bronze Brush
Rectangular medium bronze brush. Good as a first brush used after scraping. 0.15mm bristle diameter.
Swix PS Polar Powder, 30g
A great powder for extra cold conditions, that has high durability on aggressive snow and excellent dry friction properties. Operating Range: -14/-32°C
Swix Performance Speed Glide Wax, 180g
The PS series are great gliders for training and competition with good glide properties
Swix Performance Speed Glide Wax, 60g
Swix Performance Speed waxes are fluoro-free and provide excellent glide at a good price point. Perfect for training, all-around skiing and backcountry.
Swix Pro Top Speed Glide Wax, 40g
Swix Top Speed waxes offer the ultimate in fluoro-free glide and durability. A proprietary mix of non-toxic additives make these waxes a viable replacement to fluorocarbon race waxes. __________ The 5 series is the hardest wax in the TS line, and is a great choice in cold conditions, both for alpine and cross country. It is loved by servicemen, due to its great durability and dry friction properties. Despite being a wax for cold conditions, the melting point makes it easier to apply than many competitors, in this area, without sacrificing the great glide properties. For fresh, old or manmade snow. - TS5 can be used as a race wax alone or as a base for top coats. - Recommended iron temp.: 150°C (311°F). - -10°C to -18°C (14°F to 0°F).
Swix Scraper Sharpener, 40mm
A quick and easy way to get an edge back on your scraper.
Swix Skin Care Pro Cold
Makes skin skis even better in cold conditions. SWIX Skin Care PRO Cold is a high-end impregnation for skis with integrated skins. It reduces the risk of icing and improves the glide. Temperature range: -2°C to -10°C. To be applied before skiing. 70 ml.
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