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Swix Myrene Headband
$16.00 $20.00 20% Off
The Swix Myrene Headband is a comfortable, stylish headband that will instantly become your go-to accessory for everything you do outdoors—wicking away sweat and protecting you from the cold. Ideal for any cold-weather activity, it features an ample width for generous ear coverage. Find the style that fits your outfit and mood—from sporty to classic.
Salomon RS Pro Headband
$19.99 $24.99 20% Off
Technical minimalist style and warmth come together in the RS PRO HEADBAND. Stretch fabric makes sure it fits perfectly, too.
Buff Coolnet UV+ Headband
$14.99 $19.99 25% Off
Lightweight and versatile Headband made from recycled plastic bottles. Tackle today’s workout feeling cool and dry thanks to this high sweat management fabric with innovative cooling technology. It won’t slip thanks to its elastic bonding.
Buff Coolnet UV+ Tapered Headband
$16.50 $22.00 25% Off
Tapered Lightweight Headband made from recycled plastic bottles, fabulous for keeping hair in place before, during or after sweaty workouts. With hair and sweat securely away from your face you can jump into the workout of the day with full focus and energy. Its tiny silicone drops will keep it in place no matter what. Wear it techy or trendy, flip it and have two looks in one.
Buff Midweight Merino Wool Headband
$24.00 $30.00 20% Off
The Midweight Merino Wool Headband, made of a doublelayer of 100% ethically sourced merino wool is warm, breathable, and odour resistant. It performs across a range of cooler temperatures and is a great fit for many outdoor activities or simply wearing around town.
Lill'Sport Muff
EARMUFFS are traditional lightweight, low-profile earmuffs made with comfortable windproof fleece and an adjustable band to accommodate all head sizes. They also stay in place in all weather conditions due to the tension in the arc of the covered metal band. Features: Simple Windproof fleece Traditional, adjustable metal band One size fits all
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