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Liquids / Gels

Vauhti Pure Pro Liquid Base Wax
Use liquid base primer regularly on the bases of new and stone ground skis and from time to time during the season to get the most bene?t and wear resistance from the liquid glide waxes. Liquid base wax doesn’t need ironed and can be used as a base for other liquid glide waxes and paraf?ns Liquid Pro base wax contains high quality polyethylene waxes and totally new additives, making for a hard, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant coating on the ski base.
Vauhti Pure Pro Liquid Glide Wax
$88.00 - $98.00
Pure Pro liquid glide waxes are based on the ingredients used in racing paraffin series and totally new additives, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. Pure Pro liquid glide waxes have been developed especially for natural snow and fine grained snow. With high-quality solvents liquid waxes absorb effectively into the base and retains the performance of the ski base longer than hot melted paraffins. On its best when used on top of liquid base wax or traditional paraffin waxes. After wax has dry completely, brush thoroughly first with nylon brush, then with brass brush and again with nylon brush. 80mL container. PRO WET for wet and damp snow down to zero degrees, +10°C/-1°C PRO MID for damp snow, +2°C/-4°C PRO COLD for cold snow conditions, -2°C/-20°C PRO LDR for wide temperature range and for variable conditions, +5°C/-10°C
Vauhti Pure Up Liquid Glide Wax
$64.00 - $69.00
PURE UP Liquid glide waxes are intended specifically for active skiers and competitive skiers for training rounds. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellence performance and good durability to the products in all snow types and weather conditions UP WET For wet and damp snow down to zero degrees, +10/-1°C UP MID For damp snow, +2/-4°C UP COLD For cold snow conditions, -2/-20°C UP LDR For wide temperature range and for variable conditions, +5/-10°C
Swix Skin Care Pro Cold
Makes skin skis even better in cold conditions. SWIX Skin Care PRO Cold is a high-end impregnation for skis with integrated skins. It reduces the risk of icing and improves the glide. Temperature range: -2°C to -10°C. To be applied before skiing. 70 ml.
Swix Zero Spray
Zero Spray to be used in the kick section of touring classical skis with mechanical grip from factory or skis abraded with sandpaper. Helps to avoid icing on fresh moist snow around freezing (0°C). Let dry for two minutes. Comes with upside down applicator. 2.4 fl. oz.
Swix Pro Top Speed Liquid Glide Wax, 125mL
Swix Pro Top Speed liquid waxes provide amazing performance in an easy-to-use package. Simply spray on, allow product to dry and brush out with a soft brush. Fluoro-free.
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