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The Salomon Aero 9 - The Ottawa Ski 

The XC world has seen some upheaval in the last 5 years as skins have become the standard for most classic skiers, and the Salomon Aero 9 has become our go to recommendation. 

As one of the biggest XC ski shops in Canada, we have access to hundreds of models of skis, from about a dozen different suppliers. We are pretty choosy about what we bring into the store. We want to sell skis that serve a purpose for their owners, and seek out the best options in each category. 

We think that the Aero 9 is a perfect option for most skiers in the Ottawa area.

Ottawa is a pretty unique ski market, with tens of thousands of regular and enthusiastic skiers. The National Capital Region is also pretty unique place to ski. With hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails in the region, you can explore new terrain all winter long. Another unique feature of the area, especially on the Gatineau side, is some pretty serious hills. 

These two factors - lots of grooming and lots of hills - are part of why we pick the Aero 9. Good grooming means that there are more opportunities to get glide from your ski. The Aero 9 has a ton of high-end race construction features that make it an absolute banger in the tracks. But, it also has a little bit of a side cut, so when you rip into that hard left-hand turn descending Penguin, you feel completely in control. 

There are other skis out there that combine this approach, but the Aero 9 does a few things just that little bit better. The synthetic core makes for a ski that rides high enough to get good glide, but is easy to compress, so most skiers can kick the ski with ease. If you decide to turn around and climb Penguin, you’ll have grip all the way up. 

The Aero 9 also includes an adjustable Prolink Shift binding, allowing you to dial in the feel and fit of your ski. In selling skin skin skis, we have found this to be an essential feature.

The real kicker - it’s about $100 cheaper than its competitors.  

Finally, because we believe in this ski so much, we order a lot of them. With skin skis, finding skis that fit well is all the more important, and having a good supply of stiffer and softer skis in a variety of lengths helps us select the right ski. Our experience with this ski has really allowed our staff to hone our skill at finding the perfect fit for our customers. 

Ottawa skiing has some unique demands, and with so many regular skiers in the region, Ottawa skiers want a performant, versatile ski to get out there and explore new trails. We think we have found the right ski for this place, so come in and let us find your perfect pair today!