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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Giant Escape and Liv Alight


Year in and year out the best selling bikes at Fresh Air are the Giant Escape and the Liv Alight. Giant is the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles. They sell unisex bikes under the Giant name, and Liv bikes are marketed as Women’s specific with some slight changes to geometry, and touch points such as saddles. Despite the different names, the Alight and Escape offer the same experience for riders.

We sometimes joke in the shop that the Escape and Alight are like the Ottawa of bicycles - they are about as sensible as it gets. Not too fast, not too slow. Not too comfortable, not too uncomfortable. Not too upright, not too hunched over. While some people might mistake these qualities as, ahem, boring, the Escape and Alight actually offer the characteristic that is the most valuable in a bicycle. They are super versatile. 

The Escape and Alight will allow you to get outside and find the riding that suits you best. You can ride Ottawa’s hundreds of Kilometres of paved pathways, explore gravel roads, and ride charity events. With a variety of mounts, you can attach racks, fenders, trailers - you can kit these bikes out to do work. The wide range of gears, disc brakes, and just-right tires are specced for life here. 

Where might the escape and alight hit their limits? Well, they might not be a lot of fun on a mountain bike trail. If most of your riding will be on dirt or gravel, you might find that some suspension and/or bigger tires are in order. Along the same vein, the added comfort of a drop bar bike will be appreciated if you plan on regularly riding for 3+ hours at a time. 

But if you are looking for a reliable, high quality bike that will last you for years to come, the value of an Escape or Alight cannot be beat. We’ve got very good stock on Escapes and Alights right now and more will be arriving in the coming weeks! 

1, 2 , or 3? Which Escape or Alight for me?

Giant/Liv makes several versions of all their bikes. While the frame is mostly the same, there will be some differences between builds that might refine your experience a little more. Think of these like the trim package on cars. The biggest difference between builds is usually upgraded shifting components. We usually do not buy too many Alight and Escape 3s. For most riders, added durability and better functionality on the Escape/Alight 2 offer better value from the ride quality and added durability of the components. The Alight and Escape 1 are the most expensive bikes in the range and feature a carbon fork, excellent shifting, and a unique take on tubeless tires that will help you prevent punctures.