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Salomon RS 8
A lightweight, versatile and fast ski that is easy to ski on. It provides the ideal balance between stability and speed that young racers crave Edge grip The thin edge provides great grip and makes it easier to transfer from one leg to the other. Stability The balanced camber construction provides skiers with more stability and more effortless balance during the gliding phase. Speed The G5 World Cup base delivers top-level performance in all snow conditions.
Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate
The S/RACE Carbon Skate takes your racing performance to the next level. It excels in all snow conditions. BENEFITS Stability and transmission - The THIN PLY carbon construction optimizes torsional rigidity for improved energy transmission during the kick, while the balanced camber adds stability during the glide. Lightweight - Increased ease and agility due to the ski’s thin tip and tail and Nomex core. Acceleration - The triangle thickness profile improves acceleration and enhances energy transfer from the middle of the ski all the way through to the tip and tail. TECHNOLOGIES CORE: Nomex Ultra-light composite honeycomb core, combined with carbon, fiberglass wrap and thin wood sidewalls. Reduces weight and provides optimum consistency. SKI CONSTRUCTION: Thin Ply Carbon The Thin Ply specific 45° weaving improves the torsion to flex ratio, creating more stability and transmission in skating and more acceleration in classic. SKI CONSTRUCTION: 34 Universal Our new skate concept which amplifies stability and transmission. Ideal press adjustment for universal snow conditions.
Isvidda Nordic Skate Blades
Comfort, convenience and speed! Our most popular Nordic ice blades for skating on frozen lakes, ponds, canals and even indoor rinks, using your own XC Skate ski boots. Comfort: The warmth and support of ice skating in insulated, padded cross-country ski boots that support your ankles. Convenience: Put on your boots at home, drive or walk to the ice, then clip on your blades in seconds. You'll never need to expose your fingers and toes to the frigid air on a frozen lakeshore. Speed: This recreational adaptation of speed skating technology gives you the efficiency of a long-blade skate that glides smoothly and effortlessly on top of the ice, instead of digging in and wasting your energy chewing up the surface. Safety: The tip of the blade curves up just like a ski tip, allowing you to skate safely across bumps, cracks, soft spots, even snow-covered ice. Versatile and affordably-priced, Isvidda Nordic Skates consist of a pair of factory-sharpened blades, plus a mounting hardware kit and do-it-yourself instructions for mounting your own XC bindings. Please note that skate ski boots are required to use nordic blades. Specifications: Isvidda Nordic Skates have a Rockwell hardness of 55. Available blade lengths and recommended skater height ranges are as follows:: 40cm (15") for skaters under 5'0" (150cm) and shoe size under EU 39. 45cm (17") for skaters 5'0" to 5'7" (150-170cm) and shoe size under EU 45. 50cm (19") for skaters 5'8" to 6'2" (170-190cm) and all shoe sizes. 55cm (21") for skaters over 6'2" (190cm) and all shoe sizes.
Fischer RCS Skate Plus IFP
The RCS Skate Plus is a legend in the race world and now this former World Cup champion features Cold Base Bonding for improved wax absorption and grindability. Optimized for use at 14°F (-10°C) and warmer.
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