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Skate Blades

Zandstra Nordic Skate Blades NIS
Please put your boot size in the comments of your order so we can adjust your bindings accordingly. This redesigned platform now lets you mount any NIS binding - Xcelerator or Performance models. Plus you still get the legendary quality of Zandstra's premium Rockwell 60 extra-hard, super-sharp steel for perfect traction on even the hardest, smoothest black ice. And the long curved tip gives you superior handling ability on soft, bumpy and snow-covered ice. Extra-hard steel means you can skate for up to 5 years without ever sharpening your blades. Bare blades come factory-sharpened, but they do not include XC bindings. If you would like blades with bindings attached, just order the skates and bindings together Blades are not compatible with any SNS bindings. Blades are compatible with Rottefella NIS Performance Skate 45 L (18 1/2") for skaters 5'8" to 5'11" 48 XL (19 3/4") for skaters 6'0" and over
KV+ Tornado Rollerski Tips
The new Quick-Changing Roller Ski Tips by KV+ allow you to switch between snow and asphalt trainings in a few seconds. Never struggle with glue again! All you need to do to convert your poles to quick-changing baskets/tips is to remove your old glued baskets, put on locking nuts*, glue on plastic ferrules* and you’re all set! Plastic ferrules come in two sizes, for the most common shaft diameters: 8.5 and 10 mm. All baskets and roller ski tips regardless of their colour and outer size have the same threads size. So one set of baskets or tips can be shared between different types of poles, for example: racing (8–8.5 mm) and training (9.5–10 mm) poles. Just install respective ferrules on each pair of poles. And the best thing is: they made their system compatible with ANY poles, so it can be installed on any 8–8.5 and 9.5–10 mm poles. Get a full set of baskets, tips and installation nuts/ferrules, or buy them separately and make your own kit! * Nuts and ferrules sold separately. See installation instructions for details.
Isvidda Nordic Skate Blades
$209.99 - $339.99
Comfort, convenience and speed! Our most popular Nordic ice blades for skating on frozen lakes, ponds, canals and even indoor rinks, using your own XC Skate ski boots. Comfort: The warmth and support of ice skating in insulated, padded cross-country ski boots that support your ankles. Convenience: Put on your boots at home, drive or walk to the ice, then clip on your blades in seconds. You'll never need to expose your fingers and toes to the frigid air on a frozen lakeshore. Speed: This recreational adaptation of speed skating technology gives you the efficiency of a long-blade skate that glides smoothly and effortlessly on top of the ice, instead of digging in and wasting your energy chewing up the surface. Safety: The tip of the blade curves up just like a ski tip, allowing you to skate safely across bumps, cracks, soft spots, even snow-covered ice. Versatile and affordably-priced, Isvidda Nordic Skates consist of a pair of factory-sharpened blades, plus a mounting hardware kit and do-it-yourself instructions for mounting your own XC bindings. Please note that skate ski boots are required to use nordic blades. Specifications: Isvidda Nordic Skates have a Rockwell hardness of 55. Available blade lengths and recommended skater height ranges are as follows:: 40cm (15") for skaters under 5'0" (150cm) and shoe size under EU 39. 45cm (17") for skaters 5'0" to 5'7" (150-170cm) and shoe size under EU 45. 50cm (19") for skaters 5'8" to 6'2" (170-190cm) and all shoe sizes. 55cm (21") for skaters over 6'2" (190cm) and all shoe sizes.
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