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Signed up for your first triathlon and the swim leg got you nervous? We've got you covered - covered head to toe in neoprene! Our wetsuit rental program is a great way to try out an Ottawa triathlon or duathlon without committing to a suit of your own. We have 26 Orca triathlon wetsuits for rent for Sommersault events, try-a-tris, and more.  

We offer extra-long weekend rentals for pickup on Thursday and return by Tuesday. The rate is $70 and includes a wetsuit fitting and cleaning. Call us at 613-729-3002 or email for availability. Suits will book up for big events.

  1. All reservations must be paid in advance

  1. Price includes fitting and thorough cleaning

  1. Rental cancellations must be done three days prior to rental date for full refund. If less than three days notice a store credit can be issued

  1. Fittings are highly recommended in advance of rental days. We will instruct you on wetsuit care.

  2. Waiver is required

  3. Customer is responsible for any costs associated with damage to a wetsuit while it is their possession

  4. Our wetsuits are swimming/triathlon specific and will be damaged if used for other water sports. Please do not use them for kayaking, SUP, rafting, scuba, etc. 

  5. Pricing is based on the labour costs of cleaning and fitting the suit so we cannot offer a discount for shorter rental periods. We hope that the extended rental period will also give you time to try the suit in advance of your event. 

  6. To keep your suit for an extra 7 days the total rate is $125 for 11 days. To keep the suit for an additional 2-3 weeks the rate is $200 for up to 26 days. We ask that all renters return their suits by Tuesday for thorough cleaning ahead of the next rental period.