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Skin Care Products

Vauhti HF Skin Care Blue 80mL
For all snow types on cold conditions. It improves the glide and smoothness of your skin skis on cold and dry snow Size: 80ml Temperature Range: (-2C/-20C)
Vauhti Pure Skin Care Blue
Non-?uorinated SKIN SKI CARE BLUE has been developed for maintenance of the skin strip of the skin skis. Skin Care Blue’s composition improve the glide on cold and dry snow without effecting the grip -2°C / -20°C. Effective, but gentle. The present compositions do not comprise aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents as their presence even in small amounts could lead to detachment of the skin strip from the base of the ski.
Swix Skin Care Pro Cold
Makes skin skis even better in cold conditions. SWIX Skin Care PRO Cold is a high-end impregnation for skis with integrated skins. It reduces the risk of icing and improves the glide. Temperature range: -2°C to -10°C. To be applied before skiing. 70 ml.
Swix Skin Care Pro Warm
Air +2°C to +10°C SWIX Skin Care PRO Warm is a high-end impregnation for skis with integrated skins. Provides excellent glide properties and makes the skis slide better when striding. In addition, it provides dirt repellant properties and reduces the risk of icing. Quick drying. To be applied before skiing. Pumpspray. Includes Fiberlene. Includes Fiberlene. 2.37 fl. oz. Warning: Flammable liquid and vapour. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
START Universal Skin Glide
Start Skin Glide is a skin treatment to be applied each time before skiing. It will help with keeping the skins free of ice and dirt.
Rex Skin Care
Skin care agent. Apply to clean mohair and synthetic skis to enhance glide and repel dirt.
Rex Skin Cleaner
170ml cleaning agent for skin skis. Non-aerosol. We recommend application using fibrelene or similar cleaning cloth.
Rex Skin Ski Care Kit
A handy kit with everything you need to care for your skin skis. Includes: Rex Skin Care Conditioner 85ml Rex Skin Cleaner 170ml 10m roll of Rex Fiber Cloth
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