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SHOPPING APPOINTMENTS LEARN MORE: New bookings suspended while we await resupply of Classic/Touring equipment 
WALK-UP SHOPPING: Available for skate ski gear, race gear (classic and skate), and all clothing, waxes and accessories. Available for bicycles and accessories.
EQUIPMENT PICKUP: No appointment needed
SKI WAXING SERVICE / REPAIR: No appointment needed 
BICYCLE REPAIR: Unavailability of parts prevents some service. Please call/email ahead. 
DAILY XC RENTAL: Unless government regulations prevent us, we expect to rent gear from the SJAM Winter Trail location only.

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Vauhti HF MID Glide Wax 45g 0...-5
A special product for new and damp snow. Recommended operating range: at less than 75 % humidity, 0 / -3 °C; at humidity over 75 %, -1 / -5 °C.
Vauhti HF Wet Glide Wax -1...+10
$74.99 - $115.00
Vauhti HF Wet glide wax is an excellent choice for base wax under fluorocarbon coatings in wet conditions. Suitable in mild winter condition, on old and coarse snow down to -3°C as long as there is high moisture in the snow. New name for Vauhti HF Yellow glide wax Best in old, coarse-grained snow A superior choice when used underneath wet conditions fluoro top coats 45g package
Vauhti Molybden High Fluor Glider 90g -5...-20
$57.50 $115.00 50% Off
This hardest glider wax in the HF-line forms an extremely dense, durable and dirt –resistant surface. Designed as a base wax for HF and LF series, and fluor coatings. Molybden forms an extremely dense, durable and dirt resistant surface. Works in a wide range of weather conditions. Best at less than 90% humidity.
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